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It is our pleasure to announce that, from 17 – 19 September 2019, the 2nd Inland Navigation Congress will be held in Opole, as a continuation of the 1st Congress that took place in 2018.

The success of the 1st Congress – the scope of topics covered, high attendance and positive feedback – has convinced us that the organization of this event met the expectations of its participants and that there is a need to continue the dialogue on actions aimed at restoring the navigability of Polish rivers and initiatives undertaken in the economic, tourist and social spheres.

As in 2018, at the 2nd Congress we will present the results of the work of the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation regarding measures aimed at fostering the development of river transport in Poland and we will debate on the conditions of Polish rivers and their utilization in the European transport of goods and in tourism. An important topic to be discussed during the Congress will be the role of education for young people and their opportunities in this segment of the economy, cooperation with the business sector and demonstration of development prospects for future staff.

Persons that we will invite to participate in the 2nd Congress include members of the European and national parliaments, representatives of the Government of the Republic of Poland and of local governments, Polish and international experts, entrepreneurs, organizations whose businesses are primarily based on inland navigation as well as those persons who plan to utilize river transport in developing their businesses.

I believe that the 2nd Inland Navigation Congress held in the Opole region – a region with enormous navigation traditions and potential, as confirmed by a series of meetings and an interest shown by business operators and local governments to resume active navigation – will once again become an important place of dialogue on the utilization of Polish rivers in the economy, tourism and community life.

Please accept my cordial invitation to participate in this event.

Adrian Czubak
Voivode of the Opolskie Voivodeship

Meet our speakers

Foremost specialists in the field of Inland Navigation and representatives of businesses

Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation
Voivode of the Opolskie Voivodeship
Deputy Voivode of the Opolskie Voivodeship
President of the State Water Management Company – Polish Waters

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17 September 2019 – Meeting of the Council for the Promotion of Inland Navigation – closed session
18 September 2019 – “Towards Benefits” – Conference
19 September 2019 – Meeting of the Board of Inland Navigation Europe – closed session

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